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Why Choose us?

Why Choose us?

Our Vision

RAILTEL is committed to connect every cable-connected home so that, RailWire is able to deliver broadband-on-demand to all such homes. India will be among the world’s leading digital economies driven by the high penetration of broadband. RailTel is committed to being the single largest contributor to making India’s digital economy happen. RailTel’s & RailWire’s technology roll-outs will ensure high-speed, stable, reliable and symmetrical broadband services giving more & more people access to new tools to receive online education services, online specialist health consultations and a number of other critical applications.

To achieve this vision, Government of India (GoI) has released a National Digital Economy Strategy. This strategy outlines eight digital economy goals, the way forward, governmental initiatives and industry initiatives. RailTel & RailWire is committed to work alongside the government & realize the vision on a "war-footing".

Our Mission

Work alongside the government to make India one among the world's leading digital economies by 2020, thereby improving India's productivity, global competitiveness and social well-being.

Expand & grow RailTel's infrastructure, thus expediting the roll-out of the National Broadband Network and the National Knowledge Network (NKN).

RailTel & RailWire becomes the Digital Platform that facilitates the national objectives of Education, Rural Healthcare and online delivery of government services.

Infrastructure and Technology

RailTel is perhaps the only pan-India operating ISP who doesn’t have to slow down with the burden of legacy network pile-on. With several BSO’s and cellular operators availing RailTel’s NLD services, its initial market presence was felt as a “carrier’s carrier”. Subsequently, it started servicing several corporate business houses for their (VPN) connectivity requirements, and now retail - with RailWire.

RailTel has set-up a countrywide circle of the state-of-the-art SDH/DWDM backbone optical transport network using the latest of technologies. More than 400 cities covering over 42,000 RKMs across the country are connected on the network with multiple STM-16 (n x 2.5 Gbps) connectivity. 400 Gbps which is further upgradable to 800 Gbps. It is a pan-India ultra-high capacity DWDM network over 10,000 RKM. A multimedia telecom network using SDH/DWDM based transmission systems and high end MPLS-IP routers. RailTel’s backbone Transport Network has been configured in multiple ‘Self-Healing’ Ring architectures which provide for redundancy by automatically redirecting and switching traffic from failed/degraded routes for an uninterrupted service ensuring maximum up time and service reliability. The network supports multiple ring protection schemes. The network has been designed in such a way that full redundancy is available for bandwidth between any two points.

The whole network is managed by centralized network management system & operation support system (NMS & OSS) centrally located at New Delhi with back-up facilities at Secunderabad, Kolkata and Mumbai. RailTel uniqueness is about its ability to offer the best quality service (QoS) from a single unified network with pan-India presence. This Circle of the state-of-the-art network enables point and click provisioning of the bandwidth and other services from anywhere to anywhere in the country. It enables provisioning of traffic in any granularity from 2 MBPS to multiple of Gbps (n x Gbps) from its country wide strong backbone network.

RailTel & RailWire is set to spread Telecom revolution in the remote and backward areas of the country. Our country-wide MPLS-IP backbone network will provide a whole range of VPN & Internet services. The network has been built using high-end routers of Juniper network. The network supports services like Layer 3 and Layer 2 VPN services, broadband internet access and multicast services. The MPLS network has PoPs at 40 cities across the country and is in process of being extended to other cities/towns. The MPLS Network Operating Center (NOC) is also equipped with Dorado Redcell and Infovista for network provisioning and performance management.

RailWire’s Access Network Providers (ANPs)

RailWire’s extended arm partners or last-mile services delivery partners are its Access Network Providers (ANPs) or Local Cable Operators (LCOs). These partners are already about a thousand in numbers and rapidly growing. A realistic expectation of RailWire’s ANPs by 2015 is about 100,000. The market-reach of our ANP’s is unlimited, cutting across districts, taluks/tehsils, village-panchayats & villages.

Access Network, Wider & Deeper Reach

Customer Value

For Railwire, creating customer-value is the top priority. In our attempt to realize customer happiness beyond customer satisfaction, we are pushing for internal innovation in several regards. We will continue to provide quality services that will save our customers time and money.

Access Network, Wider & Deeper Reach