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Healthcare Services

Every person´s health & medical records are made available online for access by the doctor. Clinics, hospitals and independent medical practitioners can now own an electronic health record system incorporating both clinic management & patient management. Patients can now maintain their own Personal Health Records, integrated with video-conferencing and multi-parameter devices for vital sign measurements. It gives you automatic health calculators, e-Prescription generation and allows you to consult with doctors & specialists worldwide. This health management system can also be integrated with the UIDAI &NPR systems.


RailWire chose a 12 year old Healthcare IT institution which employs a number of medical practitioners & subject-matter-experts (SME) to do up the system for the RailWire platform. This institution has implemented such systems in 11 countries, including India and America. Several thousands of medical practitioners, hundreds of clinics & hospitals in these 11 countries are using such systems.

For Patients

  • » Track and assess your health.
  • » Make the most of doctor visits.
  • » Manage your health between visits.
  • » Get organized.

For Clinic

  • » Increased quality of care.
  • » Increased efficiency and productivity.
  • » Increased patient engagement and patient satisfaction.
  • » Business Promotion.
  • » Increased Productivity.
  • » Reduction in Risk/Errors.
  • » Increased Profits.