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FAQs for Photography Contest

FAQs for Photography Contest

  1. Who can enter this contest ?

    Anybody, a professional or an amateur ,all are eligible to participate.

  2. How do I submit my photograph?

    You can submit your photograph, or a high-quality scan of your photograph through mail.

  3. How many photos can I enter into the contest?

    You may enter as many photographs as you want, out of that the best will be chosen by us.

  4. I entered my photo into another contest and it won. Can I enter it into this contest?

    Photographs that have won other contests, either online or in print, are very much  eligible for submission.

  5. Do you accept black-and-white photographs?

    Yes. Also, color photographs changed to black and white are acceptable.

  6. Can photographs be cropped?

    Cropped photographs are eligible in all categories

  7. Do you accept non-digital photographs?

    Yes. We accept high-quality scanned images of non-digital photographs. We do not, however, accept hard copies of photographs.

  8. When will the winners be announced?

    The winners  will be announced on our website in the 30th day of each month.

  9. Will I be notified if I was NOT chosen as a finalist or winner?

    Yes certainly. If you do not hear from us by 26th of each month, then you are neither a finalist nor a winner.

  10. Where can I send questions and feedback?

    Please feel free to e-mail further questions Contact Us.