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ISP & ANP Contributions

ISP & ANP Contributions

RailTel's Contribution

  • RailTel, the ISP creates Network Infrastructure for the Core and Aggregation network, in a planned & progressive manner. RailTel augments capacity and plans a resilient network, to address RailWire traffic as per business projections.
  • RailTel extends network to the RailWire Data Center & the RailWire Central Network Operations Center (NOC). RailTel manages the core network and the core PoPs.
  • RailTel hosts the centralized Operations Support System (OSS), Business Support System (BSS), Network Management System (NMS), and the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system at the RailTel Data Center.
  • RailTel provides sufficient Internet Bandwidth feed to the RailWire Data Center & the RailWire NOC located at the MSP’s facilities in order to service the RailWire subscribers. RailTel deals, at higher levels, with content providers like the government organizations & institutions for accessing content through the RailWire platform.
  • RailTel arranges dedicated teams for planning & implementation of RailWire network as well as the 24x7 NOC support to facilitate RailWire network rollout.
  • RailTel provides multiple redundancies for internet bandwidth to achieve 99.95% uptime for internet Services. RailTel hires capacity from other telecom operators for redundancy or extending reach wherever necessary.
  • RailTel enters into agreements with access network providers for access/edge network.
  • RailTel appoints dedicated official to supervise, channelize, authorize and audit various IT and financial transactions on an ongoing basis RailTel puts in place a mechanism to ensure that all agreed settlement claims are cleared/approved within 5 working days.
  • RailTel undertakes responsibility for all the operating expenses towards maintenance & upkeep, power supply, network management & manpower for its network.

  • RailTel undertakes responsibility for accounting, reconciliation, settlement & clarifications at the end of each month.

Contribution from Access Network Providers (ANPs) / Local Cable Operators(LCOs)

  • Formal building permission is obtained from building owners or apartment associations. Permissions shall include, but not be limited to allocating space for equipment rack, LAN switch, fiber termination in the Building & premises. Power supply arrangement & right to draw electricity from the building/apartment and in-building/premises. Cable-laying works to connect subscribers.
  • Charges, if any, towards electricity drawn from the building payable by the ANP/LCO. In the event the building owner or building association demands rental charges towards rack-space, the same is borne by the ANP/LCO.
  • The access network from RailTel’s POP to the customer premises is built and maintained by the ANP/LCO.